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Monday, February 13, 2006
Bloody hell.

Ah... Valentine's Day. Another Hallmark Holiday created to make those without feel lonlier than they already are...  and bring back memories that stay tucked away in a white box under the bed.

Candy, cards, ribbons, and flowers.  I'll send you a black rose with poisoned thorns and a carton full of arsenic laced chocolates.  I'll watch you eat one, and as the venom pulses through your veins.  You'll grab on to my sleeve and with one dying breath, whisper "I hate you."  And I'll say, "me too" and walk away.

Tomorrow, I'll be the bitter one, walking the campus streets--head down with a frown.  Don't bump into me.  Don't you fucking dare say "Happy Valentine's Day."

You just might get stabbed.

Posted at 09:35 pm by lamentofagony

June 12, 2011   08:49 PM PDT
Do you still check this?
February 14, 2006   09:57 PM PST
hi daveee you wouldn't stab me would you? i have new pictures for youuuu lol. get online sometime.

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